Posted on February 20, 2010 · Posted in FHSST

I have finally upgraded the FHSST website to Drupal 6.15. This took me a lot longer than expected because the year got off to a completely rampant start and “spare” time just didn’t exist. I also had fallen very far behind on Drupal upgrades so I had to start with an upgrade to Drupal 5.

Now we can revisit the new functionality I mentioned in a previous blog. The idea was to make it much easier for people to submit errata and manage the corrections, submit contributions and capture testimonials. This will require significant theme changes which is why the site is currently using the default Drupal theme.

I’ve learnt not to even attempt to suggest deadlines for the new functionality to be rolled out and the new theme designed and implemented but it’ll be there as soon as I can get it up. The functionality was being looked into by Telementa and I hope to resurrect that as it seemed like the functionality would be quite quick and simple for them to implement. The bottleneck was myself upgrading the site to Drupal 6.

About the Author

Mark Horner is the CEO of Siyavula Education, a social enterprise working in the school sector in South Africa. While working as the Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow for Open and Collaborative Resources, Mark was able to transform the Free High School Science Texts (FHSST) project, which he co-founded, into Siyavula Education. In this process, openly-licensed, collaboratively authored textbooks have been printed and distributed nationally in South Africa. Working at the intersection of community, openness and technology; Mark intends to leverage this success to make Siyavula an innovative, technology provider in education that works effectively as part of the education community to ensure better learning opportunities for all. A recent notable event being the delivery of Siyavula's textbooks over Mxit, the most popular mobile chat solution in South Africa. Mark has a PhD in physics from the University of Cape Town and conducted his research at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California on the results from the STAR experiment at Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York. His work is carried out in the belief that the liberation of information and support of education in South Africa will lead to a peaceful and prosperous future for all South Africans.