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Some photos of Sam for everyone to see, detailed commentary to follow:

Album of his progress in the Neonatal unit, hopefully he’ll be home soon.

Samuel Newlyn Blyth Horner - Day 3

Highlights: removal of CPAP

Samuel Newlyn Blyth Horner - Day 4

Highlights: removal of drip.

Samuel Newlyn Blyth Horner - Day 5

Highlights: removal of heater, first ever bath.

Samuel Newlyn Blyth Horner - Day 6

Highlights: two attempts to feed properly, soiling 3 nappies in one go, awake for more than 1 hour.

Samuel Newlyn Blyth Horner - Day 7

Highlights: second bath (first by a parent), 3/4 grandparents visit.

Samuel Newlyn Blyth Horner - Day 8

Highlights: feeding properly all day, ripping out his feeding tube by himself (that's my boy :).

Samuel Newlyn Blyth Horner - Day 9

Highlights: mom slept over in the ICU, got moved to a private room (in ICU), fed properly all day.

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